Friday, March 3, 2017

Dividend Income Update - February 2017

Welcome to my dividend income update for February 2017.

Each month I post dividends received to keep track of earned passive income. Opening a new position or adding to an existing position on a regular basis causes increases in income on a monthly or quarterly basis.

February 2017 Dividends -  

Total dividends received during the month of Feb 2017 = $157.98

This is my first dividend from OHI after making purchases of the stock on 
28th December 2016.

HCP pays dividends in May, August, November and March and hence there is no dividend in February. 

This has been an approximately 35% increase as compared to February 2016 (Dividends = $117.2) and approx. 18% decrease as compared to November 2016.  

Total dividends earned in Year 2017 so far equals $248.30

Thanks for reading!

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  1. awesome growth over last year! A 35% is an impressive percentage to grow your dividend!